Rovio Partnering With The Philadelphia Eagles For Special Angry Birds Game And Huge Marketing Campaign

It seems like the feathered menaces from Angry Birds are flinging themselves into every aspect of our lives with the latest one being professional football. Yes, game developer Rovio is pairing up with the Philadelphia Eagles to create a special Angry Birds game that will be completely Eagles-themed. They’ll also be conducting an enormous marketing campaign that will include everything from local TV advertisements to a completely bedecked Lincoln Financial Field. One other interesting feature that they’re doing is having the big screen show Angry Birds clips that help pertain to the football game. An example that was used was if Eli Manning gets sacked during a game then they will have the big red bird  knocking him over. Sounds like a bit of humor that should help keep fans happy.

Rovio made sure to say that they are “very selective” about their partnerships and that they want to do them “deep and well.” No other pro-team partnerships have been announced but that doesn’t mean that Rovio won’t do any others. If this turns into a success then we could see our favorite birds at many major sports events. If you like myself were wondering where this idea came from, they answered that too. Apparently the entire office staff was obsessed with the game. I guess that that’s one way to brainstorm for your next partnership…

TechnoBuffalo, Wall Street Journal

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