Samsung Galaxy S III Smart Stay Copy App Needs Beta Testers

Samsung has come out with a lot of dope features with their new flagship Galaxy S III device.  However, the phone really isn’t really that much more functional than the ones we already own, it’s just got some rad baked in features like burst shot, S Voice, and smart stay are a few.  So, developers have been hard at work porting over S Voice or creating apps to bring similar functionality to all those who don’t have their hands on an S III yet.  Just over a week ago I posted an app bringing burst shot functinoality to your device and I’ve been thouroghly enjoying it with my kids.  Now, XDA Senior Member elnoxvie has developed an app to bring the Galaxy S III Smart Stay functionality to your device.  If you’re not familiar with Samsung’s Smart Stay technology, it’s a program that works in the background and literally watches your eyes.  If you’re looking at your device, smart stay will keep the device on past the screen timeout time, and will turn off the screen when you stop looking at it.  There really aren’t too many things more irritating than your screen going to sleep while you’re reading something or playing a game.  Those of you concerned about one more app running in the background consuming resources, the developer states that the app uses so little resources it will be hardly noticeable.  That obviously may depend on the device, but I have it installed on my Epic 4G Touch running a custom rom, and it seems to work great.  You don’t however need to have a custom rom or root access.  I set my screen time out to 15 seconds and stared at my phone and counted and it stayed on well past 15 seconds until I set my phone aside.  I also haven’t noticed it interfering with any other applications thus far.  On the XDA original post, there’s a link the a google doc with a list of phones this app is confirmed, mine wasn’t on there but it did work for me.  Elnoxvie states, “At the end of the beta testing, Lite version will be provided and discount will be given for those who have provided a feedback on this page (Good or bad).”  So, this smart stay copy app has been developed, and its in its beta stage right now, and will only be in its beta until the 29th.  Now’s your opportunity to make a difference and provide some feedback on the app and if you participate you can get something in return.  Go check it out, be sure to thank the developer, give some feedback, and let us know what you think!

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