Samsung Could Lose Up To As Many As Two Million Galaxy S III Shipments This Quarter Due To Delays

If you’ve followed the Galaxy S III news at all then I’m sure that you’ve noticed by now all the delays that it’s having to face. Analysts are now saying that it could cause up to two million Galaxy S III shipments to be missed this quarter. That’s some harsh news for Samsung right there. But on the other hand, not all news is bad about this situation. Barclays has dropped their estimated shipments for this quarter down to only 6.5 million from 8 million but boosted up shipments for the third quarter by 1 million to a whopping 15 million. That’s a whole lot of Galaxy S IIIs.

One of the biggest reasons for this series of delays is that the original design for the blue case of the phone had to be scrapped because of manufacturing issues. This caused Samsung to have to create all new back covers which is what has caused the delays. Luckily, Samsung now says that production for the U.S. models is quickly returning to normal. The fact that Samsung is estimated to ship 15 million Galaxy S IIIs during the third quarter shows that it’s really the first Android phone to become a true competitor to the iPhone in both sales and performance. If you want to see a little more about the Galaxy S III, check out our first full video review here.


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