(Updated) Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Available For Pre-Order, Quad-Core CPU Confirmed

Update: We just got word from Samsung informing us that the Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t available for pre-order yet. The page has been taken down and Samsung also said that all the errors on the page were one of the indicators that the pre-order wasn’t ready for prime time yet. Hopefully Samsung will give us more info soon. Stay tuned!

One of the most anticipated Android tablets this year has easily been Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, a 10-inch tablet featuring a Wacom-powered stylus much like the phablet Galaxy Note. When announced, it featured a dual-core processor, but many believed that Samsung would bump this to a quad-core to help it compete. It looks like that quad-core processor has been confirmed, as Amazon US has just thrown up a pre-oder page for the Note 10.1, with a quad-core processor in the specs.

The pre-order page also confirms the price and availability, with the slate priced at $549.99, and a ship date of 3-5 weeks. We’ve yet to hear from Samsung, but this all looks mighty convincing. One thing to note (no pun intended) is that Amazon listed the processor as a 1.4GHZ Intel Xeon, but this is more than likely a fluke as Chipzilla has yet to announce their server chips to go mobile. We’ll place our money on a 1.4GHz Exynos, but it would still be awesome to see a Xeon in a tablet.

Who’s excited for the Galaxy Note 10.1? Pre-order yours here now!

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