Samsung Galaxy Note II Rumored To Hit In October With Flexible Display And Jelly Bean

We’ve heard more than once that Samsung is working on a successor to their enormous Galaxy Note and now we’ve got another report of that. This one comes out of Maeli Business Newspaper in Korea and they’re claiming that this new phablet will be hitting in October so as to compete with the next generation of the iPhone. Some of the other things that they state it’ll include are an unbreakable plane display that will be flexible, the next version of Android which is rumored to be called Jelly Bean, and a quad-core processor which would most likely be the same Exynos 4 Quad that is currently found in the International Samsung Galaxy S III. One thing to note though is that they state that the design will be similar to the current Galaxy Note so maybe we shouldn’t hope for any sort of radical redesign.

These are some huge claims that are being tossed around but there is always the chance that they could be real. For now you should probably take them with a grain of salt and just hope for the best.

Maeli Business Newspaper

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