Samsung Galaxy S II On T-Mobile And AT&T S II Skyrocket Receive Their Own CM9 Nightlies

A few years ago, you could buy just about any Android device and find a developer community behind. As more and more devices are released each year, this has become increasingly harder to find, especially on certain carrier-customized phone variants. Two of such devices, the Galaxy S II on T-Mobile and the S II Skyrocket on AT&T, can now join the ranks of at least on community. Team Douche has released official CM9 nightlies for the devices, giving them a more stock taste of Ice Cream Sandwich.

It’s good to see some of the less popular devices receiving their own nightlie support, and it isn’t easy for developers to keep up these days. You can download it for the T-Mobile S II here, and the S II Skyrocket here. And as always, you are doing this at your own risk.

Android Police

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