Samsung Galaxy S III On Verizon Will Be A Global Phone, Just Not When It Launches

With the US release of the Samsung Galaxy S III imminent, some questions have been raised about the devices, especially the CDMA variants. One of the bigger ones has been whether or not Verizon’s version will feature a GSM radio, effectively making it a global capable phone. Verizon has just confirmed that indeed it is, but that’s not the whole story.

Global roaming will not be available out of the box for Verizon’s S III, but will be enabled later on via a software update. No word of when this update will hit, but it will hopefully be within a month of the device’s launch. If not, we’re sure Android’s hacking community will come to the rescue, and probably find a way to get the device onto US GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. With the launch of the Galaxy S III right around the corner in the US, it’s always nice to discover more and more features of the device. Any Verizon customers travel the world often? How vital is global roaming to you?


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