Samsung Galaxy S III Receives ClockworkMod Recovery Port

It’s been a huge day for the Samsung Galaxy S III.  With all five major US carriers announcing the release dates of the new S3, you users that like to go beyond what Samsung provides have even more to look forward to.  XDA Recognized Developer Chainfire, yes, the same guy that rooted the S3 before anyone had their hands on one, has ported ClockworkMod Recovery for the device.  Chainfire writes,

“As is the case with every SGS release (it happened with the SGS1 and the SGS2, and now again with the SGS3), CWM source isn’t built to correctly deal with our setup (internal storage vs sdcard). I had to make a number of changes to the source to get it working correctly. From my tests, it all seems to work, but it’s quite possible I missed something (report issues).”

Chainfire has also patched out the relevant code to hopefully ensure the S3 doesn’t suffer from the brick bug the S2 and Note have.  The post comes with explicit instructions to flash the recovery.  Most people are reporting the methods working really well and the TriangleAway method used with the S2 is apparently working to reset the flash counter.  One individual who apparently already has their hands on a T-Mobile S3 hasn’t been able to get this ClockworkMod Recovery to work for them.  Hopefully this works or will be working quickly for the US variants to be available later this month!  Let us know if you’ve flashed the recovery and how its working for you.


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