Samsung Galaxy S III To Top 10 Million Sales In July

Samsung’s JK Shin, head of its telecommunications business said on Monday he expects the Galaxy S III to surpass 10 million units sold during the month of July. Mind you, he doesn’t say “shipped,” but “sold” allowing for that number to mean how many units are actually in the hands of customers. That’s some kind of impressive considering the device has only been on shelves worldwide since May 29th in Europe.

Still, we knew sales were going to be big, as Samsung announced 9 million pre-orders overseas before May 18th, a number that had yet to include North American sales. With all four national carriers including one super-regional set to have the Galaxy S III on store shelves by early next month, the Galaxy S III is set to become an even closer challenger to the total unit sales of the Apple iPhone than its predecessor, the Galaxy S II.

With a major refresh of the iPhone expected later this year, sales of this generations model are likely slow down prior to any announcement and we expect that Samsung will try and fill in the gap for customers unwilling to wait for something new from Apple. All they have to do now is produce enough Galaxy S III units to go around.

Reuters via Phonearena

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