[UPDATE] Samsung Possibly Dumps Pebble Blue For Gray, Clever Name Not Yet Announced

As you know, Samsung had to toss out 600,000 pebble blue backplates due to a manufacturing error. They changed the manufacturing process, and started again. However, what we may be seeing is a new gray Galaxy SIII. Samsung may have never fixed the issue, and just dumped the blue color altogether. While that’s unfortunate, I have to say, this gray color is awfully sexy. The subtle brushed metal texture beneath the Hyperglaze coating makes me want a Galaxy SIII even more (like I needed another reason, thanks Samsung). I don’t like white phones all that much, and the blue wasn’t great, but I think the gray is the next best thing to black, if not better.

We aren’t sure what will happen with all the pebble blue pre-orders, but the gray should be a good replacement. In fact, it may very well appeal to even more people than the blue. It does to me. It may be possible that pebble blue isn’t gone, and this is just a third color. Pebble blue may be doing just fine in production for all we know. So don’t rush to conclusions. Watch this video in 1080p HD to really see the great detail in the SIII plating.

Did I mention that I want one?

UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed that there is no further delay to the pebble blue model of the Galaxy SIII for the US and that the appearance hasn’t changed. So I guess the video just has some really weird lighting. Upsetting, since I love the gray color. Oh well, blue is nice too…… I want one either way.


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