Source Released for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has let the source code for the Sprint version of their Galaxy S III out from secrecy.  Now, the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile source codes are all available to developers out there.  What does this mean to the average Joe?  Immediately…  nothing.  However, having the source code for a device makes developing new ROMs a much more straight forward process for the developers with your device.  Developers will have a much simpler time creating dope new ROMs and mods to give you plenty to play with on your device.  Even though the source code is out, definitely give your favorite S3 developers a big thanks and support them when you can for the great work they do.  I wouldn’t be having such a fun time with Android  without them.  I can’t do what they do.  So, what does this mean to the average Joe?  The source code is out, so be looking forward to some awesome new ROMs from your favorite developers.  Developers, if you don’t already have it, get your source code here.  Who’s excited to flash some new ROMs on your brand new devices?  Who has the S3 already?  Let us know how things are going…

Android Police

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