Special MHL-HDMI Adapter Required For The Samsung Galaxy S III

Well, this appears to be an annoying little decision on Samsung’s part. They’ve decided to create a special pin layout for the Galaxy S III that requires you to use only Samsung’s special MHL-HDMI adapter. The function of that little MHL port on the bottom of the Galaxy S III is to charge the device and connect it external displays such as your HDTV. To hook it up to an external display, you’ll need to get a separate little adapter called an MHL-HDMI adapter and this is where the problems begin to happen. Samsung had an MHL-HDMI adapter available for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus which many folks probably already own. But with the Galaxy S III, Samsung decided to change the pin layout so previous adapters won’t work which in turn forces you to pay $39 for a new adapter just to see your phone’s display super-sized on a bigger screen. Lovely, Samsung, just lovely.

Obviously, it’s not the biggest deal in the world for purchasers of the SIII but it certainly is an annoying attribute. It’s hard to tell if this was an intentional decision on behalf of Samsung to make users purchase a new cord or if it was just a design flaw. Either way, it means that owners of the SIII will need to purchase a new MHL-HDMI adapter for their phone. You can find it right here on Clove’s website. What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Clove, PhoneArena, Image via SlashGear

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