Sprint Could Be Launching A White EVO 4G LTE

While it hasn’t yet seen as much success as it’s ancestor that it trails after, the HTC EVO 4G LTE is still one incredible phone. Now it appears that it may be donning a new color to present itself to consumers with. If a leaked document sent to the folks at TechnoBuffalo is correct, then we could see a white version of the EVO 4G LTE landing on the Now Network. According to the picture above, there’s the listing for the EVO 4G LTE which is the X325C and then below it is the same listing except in white. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Sprint and HTC created a white version of the latest member of the EVO family. The original EVO 4G came in white and that helped it to sell more copies and it would only make sense for the EVO 4G LTE to also clad a new white outfit. How many of you would prefer a white EVO 4G LTE over the current glossy black version?


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