Sprint Dropping The Price Of The Samsung Epic 4G Touch To $99 On June 21

We’ve just got word in from TechnoBuffalo that Sprint may be dropping the price of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. If you remember, the Epic 4G Touch was Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II and while it may not have the very latest specs, it still has an amazing list of features. It would make sense that Sprint would drop the price of the EpTouch with the impending release of the Galaxy S III. Coincidentally enough, TechnoBuffalo’s source claimed that the price drop would take place on June 21 which is the same day that the Galaxy S III releases for Sprint.

One thing to note before you go rushing to buy the Epic 4G Touch is that it has support for Sprint’s WiMAX network and not their shiny new LTE network. If that all sounds good to you then just wait until the 21 to see if this is true and then head down to your Sprint store and pick one up. Stay tuned for more info!


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