Sprint Galaxy S III Now Slated For Release On July 1

There’s been a whole lot of delays happening with the Samsung Galaxy S III on all of the carriers and Sprint’s problems have been some of the roughest. The carrier was originally set to release the Galaxy S III in stores and via online or telesales. That date was pushed back due to both demand and lack of supply. Sprint has remained silent until now on when those sales would begin again but now we have an official date of launch. Sprint is now saying that in-store, web, and telesales will begin on July 1. The 16GB model will sell for $199 through all of the aforementioned ways and the 32GB model will set you back $249 and will only be available through web and telesales.

It’s good seeing Sprint continuing to try to clean up this mess. Especially after pre-orders being se back for several times and now finally reaching the hands of customers. Who out there is going to pick up a Sprint Galaxy S III on the 1st?


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