Sprint Galaxy S III Root Method Also Works with T-Mobile S III

Some brave souls with brand new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III‘s tried out the method known to root the Sprint S3…  And it worked!  It turns out the phones have the same recovery partition, so its safe to run the same method on the T-Mobile S3.  Some users for some reason were experiencing some issues connecting to the network after rooting but but were fine after a few reboots.  Again, as I stated in the Sprint S3 root post, there’s a great, detailed walk through for rooting your device.  Additionally, there’s a how-to video to take you though the process.  I didn’t mention this in the Sprint post, but this method is only working with Windows at the moment (sorry mac users).  It seems relatively simple and straight forward.  My guess is this method will likely work for the other US variants when people get their hands on those, but I can’t verify that.  Just a guess… Sooo, go for it! Go root your phone and get rid of that bloatware, do a nandroid backup, and wifi tether your phone!  Let us know how it goes…

T-Mobile S3 XDA Thread

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