Sprint May Be Dumping Unlimited Data, At Least For Mobile Hotspot

The day has finally come: Sprint, the only carrier in the US to over truly unlimited data, may be dumping that for at least one of its plan. A new email circling around claims that Sprint will be capping its mobile hotspot plan to only 5GB a month. Past that 5GB, Sprint will begin charging per megabyte for data. That’s a hard knot to swallow for users who tether their phones to other devices often, and we feel your pain.

This may seem like a minor change in their plans, but it proves that Sprint may be ready to start moving on from unlimited data. All the users on their network greatly bog it down, will average speeds on 3G tending to be a fraction of a megabyte down per second. We still have hope that Sprint will keep its data unlimited, but as the other carriers have shown, tiered data is the future.


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