Sprint Won’t Have Enough Inventory To Offer Galaxy S III Tomorrow; AT&T Pre-orders Delayed A Week

It looks like the Galaxy S III delays just keep rolling in. First off, Sprint has announced that they don’t have enough inventory of the Galaxy S III to begin selling them tomorrow. Fortunately, people who pre-ordered the 16GB version can still expect them to arrive by tomorrow or a couple of days afterward. Sprint also mentioned that it hopes to begin shipments of the pre-orders of the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III by next week. No word was given on when other sales would begin of the device would begin.

Next up, we have some news regarding pre-orders of the AT&T Galaxy S III. The original date for pre-orders to arrive was June 18 but then it was reportedly pushed to June 21 and now Android Central is saying that pre-orders for the AT&T version will be arriving on or before June 28.

Given all these delays, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S III is having a tough time keeping up with demand. Maybe it’s almost a good thing that carriers like Verizon and AT&T haven’t given us word on exactly when they’ll begin selling the Galaxy S III. In the meantime, be sure to check out Joey’s unboxing of the Sprint version to see what you’re in for with the phone.

Android Central, Sprint

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