Superuser Gets Updated with New Features

The popular app for rooted Android users has recently received an update adding some interesting new features.  If you’re not familiar with Superuser, it’s an app that allows you grant and manage Superuser rights for your phone.  What that means is that when you are rooted, apps that require root need access to root files or features.  When these root only apps try to access the device’s root, Superuser will warn you, and give you the opportunity to block or allow access to the root for that app.  It’s pretty much a must have for rooted phones.  Often, if you’re flashing custom roms, the rom has superuser baked in so it will be automatically installed with the custom rom.  That being said, you probably have an older version of Superuser because it wasn’t installed through Google Play.  As I stated earlier, Superuser received an update, and here is a list of those updates from the changelog for Superuser 3.1:

  • All new communication between su binary and apk to improve security, stability and performance
  • New info page
  • temp unroot and OTA Survival options added
  • New preferences screen for Honeycomb and up
  • Now using ActionBarSherlock for maximum compatibility

So, I have no idea when or why I would use temp unroot, or the OTA Survival options.  Maybe some of you can enlighten me about that.  However, there have already been a few updates after 3.1.  Superuser’s already at 3.1.2, but the changes after 3.1 are mostly bug fixes.  The update is available in the Google Play Store here.  Also, if you’re having trouble updating, check out the Superuser Update Fixer also available in the Google Play Store.  The developer states “[The Superuse Update Fixer] app is designed to fix update problems that come from mismatched signatures between Superuser.apk on your phone, and Superuser.apk on the Market.”  This is probably due to your rom developer adding in the apk in with the custom rom.  The new Superuser is working well on my Epic 4G Touch with a custom ICS rom.  So check out the update, let us know what you think of the changes…

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