T-Mobile Father’s Day Deal, All Phones Free On June 15-16

According to the leaked image above, T-Mobile seems to be readying a Father’s Day sale where all the phones are free. This image of marketing materials was sent to our pals at TmoNews and although official details are still lacking, it appears that T-Mobile will be having one of their ever-popular “All Phones Free!” sales on June 15-16 which makes it just in time for Father’s day. So if getting your dad a shiny new smartphone sounds like a good gift idea to you, then you might just want to watch for T-Mobile to make an official announcement on this.

Obviously the Galaxy S III won’t be out in time to participate in this sale but the HTC One S will and free is certainly an excellent price to pay for such a phone. Of course, you’ll be paying it back over time with your monthly bill but at least it’s a good deal upfront. How many of you are going to go and grab a new smartphone during this sale?


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