Thursday Morning Poll: Did You Order The Nexus 7 Or Nexus Q?

After a goodnight sleep we’ve managed to take in most of Google’s announcement yesterday, though we’re still combing through all the days news to find anything we might have missed. In the meantime, the DroidDog staff spent time last night behind the scenes discussing the merits of purchasing either the Nexus 7 or Nexus Q. The easy consensus was for the Nexus 7 and we all feel at $199.99, it’s a steal and at $249.99, it’s still a huge bargain considering the spec to price ratio.

However, we’re not sure how we feel about the Nexus Q, it’s certainly a niche product that not everyone will care about, but even if that wasn’t the case, we’re all a little taken back by the price. Considering Apple TV is only $99, the Roku starts at just $49.99 and Sonos make products of arguably better quality at similar pricing, what’s the curb appeal of the Nexus Q? That’s not to say those completely enveloped in the Google ecosystem won’t find the Q beneficial, on the contrary. We’re just a little concerned that the high price will immediately turn off would be buyers.

So, in the humble opinion of this writer, the Nexus 7 seems like a no-brainer while the Nexus Q requires a lot more thought. I think I’ll be picking up a Nexus 7, but only after hearing some reviews on the device from people who spent more than 12 hours with it. What’s your poison?


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