TomTom For Android Arriving This Summer, Will It Challenge Google’s Navigation?

The TomTom name is synchronous with Navigation as its in-car solutions have long provided consumers to truckers with everyone in-between with the ability to easily go from point-A to point-B. Now, with an iOS app safely tucked in their belt, TomTom is turning their attention to Android. Word comes from Peter-Frans Pauwels, co-founder of the company who revealed the app during a talk with 

Pauwels said the app would arrive “fairly soon,” and that the “summer season is very important for us.” The Android app is expected to mirror the functions of the existing iOS app, with some minor differences helping differentiate the two.

Expect to see an optimized app for the Android platform, just as TomTom has optimized the app to perform using all the advantages of Apple’s platform, TomTom will do the same for Android. By that, we expect that navigation around the app will be slightly more fluid on the Android platform, given the interoperability of Android.

“iOS has been doing really well, so it will be interesting to see how it does on Android,” Pauwels added. Unfortunately, he dodged the pricing question but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it fall in line somewhere around the price of his company’s iOS app, which is now set at $49.99.

The question I think we are all asking now is — do we really need a TomTom solution on the Android platform? Given the popularity of Google Navigation and it’s beautiful price of free, is it possible for TomTom to truly find success on the Android platform?

I suppose we’ll know the answer to that soon enough.


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