Toshiba Decides It Doesn’t Care About Its Customers, Pushes Thrive ICS Update To ‘Early Fall’

Well, this is a messy situation for Toshiba. On their community forums, they have stated that they are delaying the Ice Cream Sandwich update for both the 10 and 7-inch Thrive tablet. This is horrible news, considering they originally planned on rolling out the update this past spring. The new date for the update? Early fall.

This is about as bad as it gets in the Android update world (other than, you know, not getting an update at all). It sometimes makes me wonder what is going through the minds of the executives at Toshiba, and whether or not they plan on updating the tablets at all. Next week the new update Jelly Bean is expected to be announced, and Toshiba could very well “forget” to update the Thrive tablets period. Any Thrive owners mad at Toshiba?

Android Police

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