Two New Samsung Advertisements For The Galaxy S III

Samsung’s already released two separate but similar television spots that are set to raise the profile of their newest flagship handset and their about to be joined by two shorter spots. The first spot hits on the “Pop Up Play” function of the Galaxy S III, which allows you to “watch HD videos while you email or text — no need to close or restart videos while running other tasks at the same time.”

That’s just the first one, the second spot is a little broader and emphasizes that “The Next Big Thing Is Here.”

At last, here’s a smartphone that recognizes your voice, understands your intentions, and lets you create and share precious moments instantly. You’ll be able to send photos, videos and information easier and faster than ever; stay better connected to friends and family members from wherever you are; and run multiple functions on your phone at the same time.

Oh yeah, Samsung is ready to take on the world with the Galaxy S III. Now, you just have to get your hands on one.

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