U.S. Cellular Announces New Prepaid Plans

U.S. Cellular has announced three new plans for its prepaid customers. The first plan is 400 minutes of voice, 400 texts, and 400 picture messages for $35 a month. It’s obviously a dumbphone plan, as it contains no data. The second step up is unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and 1GB of “feature data” for $50 a month. We’re not exactly sure what feature data could mean (EDGE?). The last plan is unlimited voice and text and 2GB of smartphone data for $65 a month. That last plan seems most viable for most people, and is fairly cheap and nice.

They also offer some nice Android smartphones. The best in their arsenal is the Samsung Galaxy SII, but they also have the HTC Wildfire S, Motorola ELECTRIFY, HTC Merge, Samsung Mesmerize, Huawei Ascend II, and the Samsung Repp. Definitely not a bad lineup!

Prepaid options are a great idea, really. You have no contracts, you pay cheap prices, and save a lot of money compared to using AT&T or Verizon. However, there is a problem. U.S. Cellular is a CDMA network, so you can’t just bring in any international unlocked phone. That’d be my biggest pull for a prepaid carrier, if I could bring in any standard GSM phone. But it’s still a good plan, and U.S. Cellular offers nice devices.

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