Unbreakable Display, Quad-Core Processor for Samsung Galaxy Note II?

According to the rumor mill, details have emerged surrounding Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy Note II.

MK Business News reports: “The Galaxy Note II model will use an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, which is a precursor to the flexible display. The thinner display will also allow for a slimmer design by giving more space for the baseband core chip and application processor (AP)”. This news is contrary to previous rumors that suggested Samsung would opt to use a flexible OLED display instead.

In addition, the phone is said to have a high resolution 12MP camera, quad-core processor (which may suffer the same fate as the SIII’s quad-core setup in the US) and Google’s future OS 4.1 Jelly Bean. The report also predicts that due to a thinner profile,  the new Galaxy Note will also have a larger display (than the current model’s 5.3 inches),  longer battery life, and a more solid build to reduce damages related to shock.

Samsung was rumored to be planning a successor to the Galaxy Note earlier in the year, but the decision was made to delay the launch until October.  This was done in order to obtain the newest tech, as well as provide a direct competitor to Apple’s potential launch of the iPhone 5.



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