Unlock Your Locked Galaxy S III with App from Google Play Store

An app has been made available Tuesday in the Google Play Store that allows you to unlock your locked Samsung Galaxy S III so that it will be able to use SIM cards from any carrier without restriction.  This app, Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock, was developed by XDA Elite Recognized Developer supercurio using a method developed by txlibre as posted on XDA.  To use this SIM Unlock app, your Galaxy S III needs to be rooted, it only works for GT-I9300 S3s right now, and its only in its beta stage.  However, most users are reporting that the app unlocks the device extremely fast and is very simple to use.  As of right now, I’m only able to get access to the app on the Google Play Store from my phone.  So if you can’t access if from your computer, try your phone next.  If you use the Voodoo Sim Unlock app, let us know how it goes and what you think…

supercurio Twitter | Google Play Store (may only be working from phone)

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