Verizon Unveils ‘Share Everything’ Plans, Unlimited Voice Now The Only Option

We all know how much it costs to have a family on cell phones these days.  The upfront costs, monthly charges per line, and any overage amounts can quickly drain any family budget.  Well Verizon has now unveiled their new ‘Share Everything’ plan which will be available starting on June 28th.

This new plan provides unlimited minutes and texts for up to 10 lines on the account and a shared data pool.  The first step is adding your device to the plan.  The prices range from $10/month to add a tablet to $40/month for a smartphone.  The data pool costs vary from $50/month for 1GB to $100/month for 10GB.  One unique feature that I was glad to see added is the ability to use your device as a mobile Hot Spot at no additional costs.  This is great for those who travel frequently and don’t want to carry another device just to tether their laptop or tablet.  Verizon has also released a video introducing these new plans.  Take a look below:

These plans sound great but after running the ‘Share Everything’ calculator on Verizon’s site it looks like I’ll end up paying more than my existing plan so I think I will refrain until I noticed my family using data more than they do now.

What do you think of these plans?  Are you ready to migrate or are you content with your existing configuration and not ready to switch over?

Check out all the details on Verizon’s website.



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