Verizon Xoom Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Now

While the Motorola Xoom received an update fairly fast, the Verizon model suffered a much worse fate. The Xoom was supposed to be the Nexus of tablets, it was the base for development and should have gotten every update fast. Verizon, what have you done? This and the Galaxy Nexus… I can’t watch.

Drama aside, I’m glad the update has come at all. I’m sure all Verizon Xoom owners who haven’t succumbed to rooting will be very happy, as the update is a massive one. Ice Cream Sandwich contains not only a lot of fixes, but a ton of new features that I personally love. It’s a great update. If you want to see the changelog (it’s the same one we posted before), hit the source link. And tell us how it went in the comments!

Verizon Support via Android Central

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