Wallpaper Wizardrii for Your Wallpaper Woes

So I’ve never had a big issue with it until today, but I know that getting your wallpaper set up the way you want it on your phone can suck.  Today, I flashed the newest leak on my Epic 4G Touch (I know… I said the OTA was ready.  If you want to ask me about it you can…  it’s pretty much ready) and all of a sudden I couldn’t get my wallpapers to size correctly.  The exact same wallpaper I’d been using for weeks looked stupid.  Has this happened to you before?  Anyways, so I heard about this app called Wallpaper Wizardrii over on the XDA forums and I thought I’d give it a shot.  A lot of people over there were using it because on Samsung phones, recent updates have stopped wallpaper scrolling and people wanted it still.  Wallpaper Wizardrii apparently can help you bring that back.  I however have just been using it to get my 480×800 pixel wallpapers to size right to my 480×800 pixel screen (which is ridiculous).  So here’s what I think about the app:

- The interface isn’t super intuitive.  There are a a bunch of buttons at the top that don’t have any labels and it took me a bit to figure out what I was looking for.  Once I figured out what the buttons did, I was able to find the image I wanted to set for my wallpaper.  I also found out that I could go to my gallery and “send” my image to Wallpaper Wizardrii.  Then I could go about my resizing.
- It works.  Once I got my image there, I set it up for “No Scroll” (I don’t care much for wallpaper scrolling anyway) and used the “Crop Portrait” to crop my image perfectly for the portrait wallpaper.  It was just like how setting up the wallpaper used to be, and it shows up perfectly on the homescreen.
- Wallpaper might be a little jumpy. I don’t know if “jumpy” is the right way to describe it, but when exiting apps back to the homescreen, you might catch a quick glimpse of your imaging resizing to the correct size.  This is something that I’ve seen before when using live wallpapers, but not when using the stock wallpaper setup.  There are no issues however once you’re on your homescreen.  In my opinion, I’d rather my homescreen look nice and deal with a little jumpiness sometimes.

The app also allows you to crop images, stretch, and add colors to fill around images that aren’t the right size for your screen.  Descriptions of all the tasks the app can do can be found in its listing in the Google Play Store.  Overall, I’m super stoked I was able to get things fixed up so fast.  Its a super simple solution to a stupid problem that I know other have.  So have you tried out Wallpaper Wizardrii?  Do you have problems with your wallpapers?  What do you use Wallpaper Wizardrii for?  Let us know by commenting below…



























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