WiFi Hotspot and Tethering Hack Out for HTC EVO 4G LTE

The ability for a rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE to be used as a WiFi hotspot without being charged by Sprint is something its been able to do basically since it’s been rooted.  If your EVO LTE is rooted, you can just download Wifi Tether for Root Users from the Google Play Store and your set as long as you use the Generic ICS Device-Profile.  However, recently developers have discovered the changes needed to  the build.prop enabling usb, bluetooth, and the native hotspot app for the device.  Two methods have been posted to do this.  The mod can be done though editing the build.prop, or through flashing an update.zip thanks to XDA Senior Member smw6180.  Either way, unless you for some reason need usb or Bluetooth thethering, what is really exciting about this is that you’ll be seeing this mod baked into lots of the future ROMs created for the device which is convenient and fun.  So, if you need the flexibility of usb, bluetooth, and the native hotspot app working, go give this a whirl now.  Otherwise, be sure to let your favorite developer know about it if they don’t already, and be sure to give them a big thanks for all they do.  If you do decide edit your build.prop, be sure to read the entire post and back up your entire device before changing your build.prop file.  Let us know how the edit/flash goes and what you think of this new mod…

XDA Developers 

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