Xperia Devices Getting ICS Love, Also Root Love

Earlier this week we posted a story in regards to a leaked Xperia Pro ICS build available for developement.  Additionally, as promised by Sony, devices in their Xperia lineup have begun recieving ICS including the Xperia Neo and Neo V.  Now, even more exciting news for those of you that enjoy modding your Sony devices; you don’t have to worry about losing root with your new updates.  Senior XDA Member madfysh has started and fantastic thread to get your Sony Xperia Neo or Neo V ICS whether you were a part of the first roll out or not.  On top of that, methods for rooting the devices are also provided for both locked and unlocked bootloaders.  Be sure to follow the directions closely, several individuals with locked bootloaders ran into trouble only only solved by carefully following directions.  So, cool news for you Xperia Neo and Neo V users.  But sure to let us know how updating and rooting is going for you.

XDA Developers | XDA Thread

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