Xperia Mini Android 4.0 Update Rolling Out Now

Sony has started rolling out Android 4.0 to its line of Xperia Mini handsets. The update will be released in phases depending on each device’s unique Sales Item Number. You’ll need to follow the directions below to find your SI number and proceed to Sony’s website to determine if your phone is eligible for the update. Not all handsets will be supported initially, though Sony plans to complete the rollout in the coming weeks. Keep in mind you’ll need the PC Companion or Bridge for Mac to download and install the update.

Since there are minor differences in the software depending on product, country and operator we have a unique identifier that we call Sales Item (SI). The SI is identified by an 8-digit number in the format XXXX-XXXX. To find out what SI number your phone has, please take off the back-cover and take out the battery. Under the battery you will find your SI number.


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