16 Sony Xperia Devices Receive AOKP Thanks To KangXperiaProject

Sony Xperia devices have been seeing a steady roll out of Ice Cream Sandwich for the most part, and I’m sure customers have been enjoying it quite a bit. But while development has been moving along, AOKP has been missing from Xperia phones. The KangXperiaProject group saw that, and brought AOKP to 16 Xperia phones. That’s a massive amount of phones to release AOKP for!

Both the ROMs and the source code necessary to compile them are now available thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor championswimmer. Here is a list of all the devices:

  • Arc/ArcS aokp_anzu-userdebug
  • Ray aokp_urushi-userdebug
  • Neo aokp_haida-userdebug
  • Neo(V) aokp_hallon-userdebug
  • Pro aokp_iyokan-userdebug
  • Play aokp_zeus-userdebug
  • Play(CDMA) aokp_zeusc-userdebug
  • Live with Walkman aokp_coconut-userdebug
  • Mini aokp_smultron-userdebug
  • Mini Pro aokp_mango-userdebug
  • Active aokp_satsuma-userdebug
  • X10 aokp_es-userdebug09ra-userdebug
  • X8 aokp_shakira-userdebug
  • X10 MiniPro aokp_robyn-userdebug
  • X10 Mini aokp_mimmi-userdebug

Hit the source link to find more info on the ROMs. Remember, no one but you is responsible for any possible damages to your device. Rooting and flashing can be a dangerous process, so proceed at your own risk.


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