5.5 Billion of Google’s 12.4 Billion Moto Purchase was for Patents

Google buying Motorola is pretty old news. In fact, it was this time last year that Google first announced it was happening at all! But now ,the Wall Street Journal reports that Google spent $5.5 billion of its Moto purchase on patents alone. The complete purchase was $12.4 billion, total.

To break it down for you, Google’s full purchase was broken down into pieces. $5.5 billion for the patent portfolio, $2.9 billion for Moto’s money, $2.6 billion was goodwill “pleasure doing business with you” money, $730 million for customer relationships and finally $670 for all remaining net assets.

That’s a hefty sum of cash, but now we can understand exactly why Google saw it fit to purchase a failing mobile company. Motorola may not have to worry about finances, at least for now. But its obvious Google’s main objective was their patents.


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