Best Buy Planning On Selling Unlocked International Galaxy S III?

Here is a photo of a Best Buy computer showing the Galaxy S III. What’s strange is that the phone is the international unlocked model, the i9300. It’s the one with the Exynos quad core, HSPA+ only radio (no LTE), and the legendary Wolfson Micro audio amp. It looks like Best Buy i planning to sell the Pebble Blue one in stores completely unlocked. The pricing seems to be $800, which is really damn high, but it’s interesting to see Best Buy selling European phones anyway. Plus, this would get you a US warranty.

They don’t have any in stock, so this might just be a fluke, but if they do get it in stock, this would be a great option for people like me. I refuse to buy the US version of the Galaxy S III because the Krait audio just doesn’t satisfy me. I don’t like how it sounds. However, the international models Wolfson Micro amp is one of the best, if not the best, in the world. This could be a good way for me to get one with a warranty. So Best Buy, if this is a fluke, fix it and start selling them!

Android Central

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