ADzero Bamboo Android Phone Coming, Shows Phones Can be Made From Anything

ADzero, a little known brand here in the states, has unveiled their new “design for manufacture” prototype renders for their upcoming Android 4.0 smartphone. The designs are made from bamboo and have a surprisingly nice look to them. ADzero hopes to launch this by late 2012 to early 2013 in the UK. The phone will be sporting ADzero’s custom UI, which the company calls “ADOAS.” Nothing has been said about what ADOAS offers, other than it will reflect the AD design philosophy.

Smartphones have been made of many different materials, but this is breaking some new ground here. It’s always good to see manufacturers thinking outside the box and this seems to be pretty far out there. Could a bamboo smartphone gain popularity in today’s market?

Phandroid via JustAdzero

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