Amazing Alex, Rovios New Game to Keep You Addicted to Your Phone

From the makers of the one of the most popular, ever-expanding mobile games ever, comes a new game, Amazing Alex. Seemingly a new puzzle game, this will be Rovio’s first attempt at a game that isn’t another variant of Angry Birds. Alex is a young kid who uses his genius mind to create clever chain-reactions in order to get things done, like cleaning his room and more. In the game, players will create their own setups and attempt to reach an objective by starting their very own cataclysmic reaction.

Supposedly, there are multiple ways to solve each level. This could make this a little more competitive than Angry Birds in the sense of players wanting to one-up each other. The game should drop on both Android and iOS this month. The teaser for the game starts the beginning of another addiction with just the flick of a domino.

Android Authority, Geekosystem

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