Amazon Cloud Player And MP3 App Receives Huge New Update

As we use our phones for more and more, one of the biggest uses continues to be as a music player. Amazon has had their Amazon MP3 service for a while now and today brings in a slew of new features with a major update. The update is for both their online Cloud Player service and the MP3 app and brings lots of improvements such as the scan and match feature to help you upload your music to the cloud faster and the new ability to turn your music library into high quality 256Kbps audio files. The full changelog includes:

  • Import your music to Cloud Player faster with scan and match technology
  • Upgrade your music to high-quality 256 Kbps audio
  • Add your past Amazon MP3 purchases to Cloud Player automatically…for free
  • Edit song and album information
  • Import more types of music files

I’m sure that all the Amazon MP3 users out there will be ecstatic about the news so just follow the Play Store link below and get started!

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