Amazon To Release “Five Or Six” New Tablets By End Of 2012?

Amazon appears to be looking at global Android tablet domination with a third-party retailer company executive telling Reuters they plan on releasing “five or six” new tablets in the future, including a 10-inch model. According to Demos Parneros, President of Staples Inc, Amazon will release “five or six” new tablets in various sizes, including the long-rumored 10-inch model by the end of 2012.

Amazon spokespeople declined to comment on the statements by Parneros. The Reuters report highlights Amazon’s large ecosystem as a huge driving force for the company to release a number of tablets along with game developers such as EA and Popcap that are eager to see where Amazon goes next.

Amazon’s share of the video market has climbed from 10 percent to 13 percent since the Kindle Fire launched in September. “They haven’t grown exponentially but that’s a healthy gain post the Kindle Fire,” said Russ Crupnick, senior entertainment industry analyst at NPD.

Circling back to the five or six new tablets Amazon plans on releasing, the Staples exec didn’t specify if these are separate tablets or similar models with different size offerings. Regardless, Amazon is definitely going to have our attention in the mobile space as 2012 continues. More importantly, it will be interesting to see some of Amazon’s recent job postings looking for people with experience in mobile hardware will lead to both new tablets and and a smartphone.


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