Android Market Share Declines To 56% In The US During Q2 2012

Ready for a nice dose of confusing analytics? Today we’ve got the latest on smartphone market share in the US. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone shipments dropped 5% from Q2 2011 to only 23.8 million units this quarter. Also up is operating system shipments where Android fell from 15.3 million shipments last year to 13.4 million in this year’s quarter. Apple shipped 7.9 million iOS devices compared to 5.9 million last year, RIM shipped 1.6 million Blackberrys compared to 2.7 million last year, and the other operating systems shipped one million which is down from 1.4 million. Now for the market shares in percent where Android dropped to 56.3% from 60.6% last year at this time. iOS jumped 10% from 23.2% to 33.2%, Blackberry went from 10.5% to 6.5%, and the others went from 5.7% to 4%. Most of the losses are speculated to have come from the rough economy, more customers already owning smartphones, and the rising prices of carriers. It looks like Android may have slipped a little in this quarter compared to last year but hopefully they’ll continue to grow in the next few quarters. Especially with major phones like the Galaxy S III now on the market. What do you guys think of this latest news?

FierceWireless, Strategy Analytics

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