Android Powered Gaming Console Surfaces on Kickstarter, Console Gaming Made Easy

Up to this point, the structure of the gaming industry has only been slightly altered by the Mobile Industry. Console gaming remains second-to-none in performance, leaving mobile games mainly as time killers or casual entertainment. However, mobile games, due to convenience, have taken off much more than console gaming as of late. A new system, OUYA, is looking to change that. This console, powered by Android, is an open sourced gaming platform designed to bring games back to the Television. This system allows independent developers to get into the TV gaming market, which previously was completely closed off to anyone other than corporations.

A platform like this will bring all types of games back to the television. Both time wasters and graphically-intensive games will be available to consumers to enjoy the HD clarity and comfort of their living room. Overall, this could be an awesome gaming platform for both consumers and hackers alike, as OUYA is open to rooting and hacking (without voiding warranty).

If you want to help get this project started, head on over to Kickstarter and check it out.



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