AOSP Jelly Bean Availalable For International Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

That’s right, a Jelly Bean stock rom build for the international Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 has been developed completely from source.  If you’re not familiar with AOSP, it stands for Android Open Source Project.  AOSP releases the source code for Android their roms, like Jelly Bean, and then developers can take it and make it work on our different devices and usually customize it.  XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor Faryaab has prepared this pure Google AOSP Jelly Bean rom on his way to developing his own custom rom, and was kind enough to drop this stock Jelly Bean rom on the way.  He stated on his XDA thread that

This ROM is built entirely from Google’s JellyBean source code. I’m actually working on my upcoming ROM “SuperNexus”. So I just compiled a pure AOSP JellyBean for the Galaxy S3 so i know that I can add support of it in my SuperNexus ROM.

So, if you want the pure Google Jelly Bean experience on your Galaxy S III, this is your chance.  From what I’ve read from device owners that have flashed this rom is that it’s buttery.  It’s smooth and people are loving it.  The Android Jelly Bean version is 4.1.1 as can be seen above.  It seems there may be a few bugs with the google search, battery life, and wifi-tether, but it sounds like it could easily be a daily driver.  Faryaab is also committed to improving this rom still on the way to his SuperNexus rom so these bugs will likely get fixed.  Installing this rom requires the typical method as follows:

  • Copy Google Apps and ROM to your internal SD Card
  • Enter Recovery
  • Do a Wipe/Factory Reset
  • Flash Android 4.1.1 JB ROM
  • Flash Google Apps
  • Reboot your device

Below is the link to the thread to download the rom.  The Google apps can be found in the original post.   If I had an S III I know I’d be trying this out.  Obviously, flashing this rom is at your own risk.  Let us know if you’re flashing or have flashed this rom and what you think…

XDA Thread

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