App Review: Amazing Alex

Rovio’s new game has officially been released. And it brings much of the same simple, addicting, time-wasting entertainment that Angry Birds brought us. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what will keep you entertained for the next few years.

The game brings in the same physics-based aspect of Angry Birds but allows you to create your own solution rather than solving it specifically like other games. Alex is a young boy who wants to get things done in the most efficient way possible. In doing so, he comes up with some extreme contraptions, involving tubes, books, balloons and more.

The basic menu setup is reminiscent of our old bird friends. You get your standard numbered levels with your level status in a 3-star format. There are over 100 levels divided into 4 different categories (locations). Categories include the classroom, backyard, Alex’s bedroom and the tree house. You can also create your own levels to play and submit to Rovio. There is also a downloaded levels section with which you can download levels submitted by users when you get tired (or beat) of the levels pre-loaded.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Levels start out with a basic template and many missing pieces. You are given a tray in the bottom right (the toolkit) that holds all the pieces you can add. You can use as little pieces as you want or as many as are available. Your goal is to get all three stars and get all the balls into the designated location, which usually means into a basket or simply to the ground.

Similar to Angry Birds, whenever you complete a level, a small bar appears in the middle with your start ranking and how well you have done. If you do better than you had on a previous level, it congratulates you. No point system is used in this game, only stars. Believe it or not, it’s much more difficult than it sounds. Levels start out simple and get progressively more baffling, as expected.

Overall, Rovio has itself another hit in the making here. This was already apparent when I began to search for the game it was already the top suggested query.The game comes in a free version, as well as paid and HD (presumably for tablets). If you want to check it out, the free version has plenty of levels for you to figure it out for yourself. If Rovio has anything to say about it, you’ll be sucked in for years. They are known for doing that.

Have you tried Amazing Alex yet? What do you guys think about?

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