Apple Gains New User Interface Patent, Get Your Lawyers Ready Android Manufacturers

Well this is a piece of news that I didn’t really care to see today. Apple has been granted a new user interface patent that covers everything from the camera roll to email to basically anything that you can do on a touch based user interface. And with Apple we know what this means, it’s time for Android manufacturers to break out the aspirin because I can already see the lawsuits in my minds eye. Android manufacturers and mobile companies overall are going to have a rough time fighting off Apple with this latest development. This once again goes to show the problems with the patent system and why it needs changes. You really shouldn’t be able to have a patent this vague as this is just going to destroy competition and innovation. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they granted this patent but it’s needless to say that this is going to create a major hubbub within the mobile market. Please, feel free to vent your feelings in the comments below. In fact, I encourage you to.


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