Apple Reveals How Much It Thinks It Has Lost to Samsung

Apple, a recent trial against Samsung, revealed just how much revenue it believes it lost to Samsung and its “slavish copying.” Apple claims that Samsung owes them $2.5 billion in unjust enrichment. Basically everything that Samsung has made in profit. Apple also claims that, from this point forward, Samsung should be paying Apple $24 per handset sold which infringes on their patents.

Samsung has countered, however, stating that Apple too infringes on some of its standard patents, which Apple claims are patents that are only worth $.0049 per patent. The Cupertino-based company also claims that all these infringements were willful. If this is proven/ruled true, this could be horrible news for Samsung.

This is the anti-competitive nature that people have grown to hate about Apple. They claim they’re owed millions and must pay nothing, despite being under the same jurisdiction. In the end, nothing comes of it but price hikes for consumers. Samsung, of course, will not go without a fight. And remember, these are simply what Apple believes they are owed. This is in no way a court ruling. Stay posted for all the latest Apple vs. Samsung news. There is always a lot of it.

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