Apple vs. Samsung Official Trial Starts Today

After a year of seemingly daily legal battles between the two smartphone giants of the world, the official trial begins today in the United States. As a recap, Apple claims that Samsung has been “wrongfully enriched” by “slavishly copying” Apple’s designs and intellectual property. Samsung was quick to fight back stating that Apple is trying to eliminate competition and continue their “exorbitant” profits.

Samsung has had it rough so far, as Judge Lucy Koh has already granted Apple two injunctions against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Nexus, although the latter received a stay after going to the Appeals Court. Samsung will also face the challenges of the trial being held in Silicon Valley, where Apple is a major influence and employer. James Dobson, a jury consultant from Empirical Creative had this to say:

“Although certainly if I were Samsung I would be concerned about what prospective jurors think about Apple, given that it’s a huge employer there.  By and large jurors want to do the right thing and decide the case on the merits.”

Judge Koh will also be the presiding over the trial. Here’s to hoping, in the end, competition never be eliminated. Having two giants in the smartphone market can only be a good thing for consumers. Competition is supposed to drive innovation, although lately it’s only been creating litigation. The trial is supposed to last about four weeks.


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