Apple Vs. Samsung Patent War Continues, Judge Says That This Is “Ridiculous”

Seriously, Apple and Samsung, this patent war has gone on long enough. Now kiss and make up and get over the entire thing. Another patent battle has started in Australia with Samsung suing Apple over 3G patents. But this time the judge, Annabelle Bennett, doesn’t think too much of the dispute going as far as to say that the whole thing is “ridiculous” and even asking the lawyers from both companies, “Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?” Well said, judge, well said. She then went on to question sending the whole thing into mediation and saying that she expects an answer by the end of the week.

The one other thing to take out of the whole ordeal is that Samsung said that Apple refused negotiations but an Apple lawyer claims that Apple was willing to pay for use of the patents but Samsung rejected the deal and instead took the case to court. Like the judge said, the trial is slated to be decided by the end of this week so we shouldn’t have too long to wait. Even though I wish that the whole thing wasn’t happening, I must say that Samsung winning the case would be a nice change from the usual patent news where Apple wins. Do you guys agree with the judge that the entire thing is ridiculous?

The Verge, Bloomberg

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