Apple Wins Ban in The EU Against the Galaxy Tab 7.7

In an ironic turn of events, Apple has won a ban against the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the European Union. What makes this strange is that just last week, Apple was told it would need to put up apologies to Samsung on their sites and some ads in papers in the UK, stating that Samsung did not copy Apple. The ban that Samsung is facing here is based on the idea of Samsung copying the design of the iPad. 

The exact reason for the decision of the German appeals court is still unclear. It could be the same thing that got the 10.1 banned back in the day, perhaps something completely different. One can assume, though, that the judge had a pretty clear decision in order to get it banned in the entire Union, rather than just one country.

Another day, another story that leads to more Apple attacking Android. How do you guys feel about this? Was it unecessary? Let us know in the comments.


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