Archos 97 Carbon Passes Through The FCC

Archos announced its Carbon 97 tablet earlier this month, but the device has finally hit the FCC for approval. The 4:3 tablet sports a 9.7-inch 1024×768 IPS display, 1GHz single-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, a 0.3-megapixel front camera and 2-megapixel rear camera, as well as Android 4.0 stuffed into a .45-inch  aluminum shell. It also manages to squeeze a microUSB, USB, mini-HDMI, and microSD slots in the tablet.

There’s no doubt the Carbon 97 is being overshadowed by the release of the Nexus 7, but at just $249.99 there may be hope for it yet. Archos has generally been good with providing timely updates for its devices, so we’re assuming the tablet will see Jelly Bean in due course. Either way, keep an eye out for the slab at your local retailer in the coming weeks.


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